What a girl wants....


That’s the spirit

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Useful Japanese phrases



"I need to go poop"


"I want to go poop"


"I just pooped"


"I pooped so good"


"I just pooped my guts out"

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Why do people sexualize boobs when we could be doing this with them

i cant stop laughing

always reblog

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yo tell me this isn’t the deepest childrens show, they really took it there

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If Stuntmen from the old movies don’t have your full respect then I just don’t know what to say to you

Inl tried really hard not to reblog this

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Ruby’s hand was twitching the whole time during Mr. Port’s class. She was tempted to hold Blake’s hand. It wouldn’t even be noticeable. She was left handed and Blake sat to her right, no one would notice them holding hands.

"Let’s hold hands" She whispered

Blake looked over at Ruby from the suggestion, before switching her glance to her papers. “Okay.” She whispered in return, reaching over and taking Ruby’s hand, intertwining their fingers as she continued writing her notes.  

Ruby beamed throughout the whole period, loving how the faunus’ hand felt really warm. - rubrumrosa

Thank you for sending the submission~

You wrote them adorably I couldn’t help but draw them  >w<

I’m sorry I didn’t tag you because the tagging system messed up.

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Quick quick doodle

Aaaaa I have to go I have to go! Look at the time already! Bye~

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An amazing present from an amazing friend and oh my gosh thank you thank you thank you Hiro~!! ^~^

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nora is likely the undeniable champion of the popcorn trampoline game

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